Birth Planning Consultation - $50

in person or online support for writing your birth plan

You get:

- Physiologic Birth Plan

- Caesarean Birth Plan

VBAC Coaching - $100-250

For VBAC coaching you have a few options. 

- Private in home education + very detailed birth plan writing support 

- Written curriculum + in person/online birth plan writing 

It would be your responsibility to read all the material and then we come together to figure out your plan.

Birth Doula - $750

The best thing you can do for your birth is hire a doula. We rock at helping you achieve the birth you want and truly deserve. Doulas can help you have a safer, shorter, and happier birth. It's simple - if you want a happy birth, hire a doula!

Prenatal visits 
- 2 in-person (or online) visits before 36 weeks where we work through planning the happy birth YOU want

- we cover hopes, dreams, wishes, fears, + roadblocks (for both you and your birth partner)

- your birth plan will be complete by the end of our second visit

- two-four-seven from 38 weeks and on

Labour + Birth support 

You won't be alone when you're in labour, that's the whole point of hiring a professional birth coach. You'll get my undivided attention plus my expertise to support your partner to support you too. I'm there to help you achieve the happy birth you deserve by providing comfort measures and advocating for you if necessary. Don't worry, we'll hash out the details long before it's go time to make sure we will be an unstoppable team.

Unlimited Contact

Reach me by phone, text or email anytime, you'll hear back from me within 24 hours

Golden Hour Support

You won't be alone immediately after your birth, that's another bonus of hiring a doula. You're guaranteed my focus and attention during the first 1-2 hours post-birth to get feeding established (be it breast or bottle), to protect that special time from well-meaning visitors and/or hospital staff, and shower you with the love you deserve after such an amazing feat.